My Side of the Trees, Your Side of the Trees

The trees below are from someone’s  “Other Side of the Trees”, not mine.
wallpaperscraft.comA road, or a path, or both, heading outward or inward; or both.  It is good to be out, accompanied by trees.  It was my path.  Yesterday, I knew I was to be … there.  I was concerned about more firewood.

A road, or a path, or both, heading outward or inward; or both.  It is good to be out, accompanied by trees.  It was my path.  Yesterday, I knew I was to be … there.  I was concerned about more firewood.

We had snow … two nights ago, and a lighter sprinkling last night.  Our wood, close to the house, is almost out.  That makes sense, as we are on the final snows, I think.  My backup firewood is down on the other edge of the property.  There is a place where one can pull in, or back in, there.  I have used the space to pile up downed trees.  After I chainsaw, I haul up the logs to our house, right after I chop.  But this past summer, I kept chopping and never got around to hauling.  I made my way through the thick two feet of snow, pulling a long sled behind me.  A strange sight: shoveling snow off logs.  I loaded the logs on the sled, and used bungee chords (which are like gold) to keep the logs from falling out of the sled.  Once back at the house, out of breath, I unloaded the firewood.   I was looking forward to calling it a day, when I couldn’t ignore the dog, Stash (short “o”), her .deep resonating barks … just loud enough to be a nuisance.  Stash is our Bernese Mountain Dog.

My Bernese Mountain Dog. Refusing to be herded.
My Bernese Mountain Dog. Refusing to be herded.

To get Stash into the house requires a patient “herding” strategy.   How do you herd a dog that has come from many generations of seasoned Swiss “herders”?  I walk through the deep snow one way, then walk back the other way, depending on where Stash is going.

Once inside, my daughter gave me a great hug … and she said “Dad, you smell good!”  I didn’t know if she was being serious.  I thought she was talking about my perspiration.  She said “You smell fresh, like you have been out with the evergreens.”

Sunset Other Side of the Trees
Sunset Other Side of the Trees

   Now, all of this was happening on my “Other Side of the Trees”.  But the picture at the top is of trees from someone else’s “Other Side of the Trees”.  My hope is that you are able to find your own quiet place: your “Other Side of the Trees”, or some other beautiful, healing, place.












  1. what a fun post! enjoyed it – and I was just cropping a few pictures of a tree in my yard – and was going to post about tress/birds – and well, this post of yours is so timely for me personally – and how cute that your daughter could smell the outdoors like that! 🙂


      1. well I think that is a strength of yours – you have a “smooth way” with words – and the name you gave me is totally awesome – and feels like the fun title of your other blog (speak-listen-pray-dont-be-stupid). also, recently someone asked us to think of 3 words to describe who we are and I was stumped. I mean – the obvious adjectives came to my mind – but well = I thought of how I like encouraging people and know God uses me in this role often = and so reading that little ol’ name was a confirmation – and thank you very much T, seriously. How encouraging!


      2. Greetings, Dr. Prior … Your comments, lifting up blogger-sojourners, are of a transcendent nature, and there was a time when I had difficulty receiving words that were gifts of glory. After a few invaluable, redemptive, rebukes from guys who stick closer than a brother … and from those rare women, unmistakably good-hearted, women who saw the good in me as opposed to what I saw, my brokeness … So, yes after several of those collisions, I made a shift to receive … as opposed to reject, and it still isn’t that easy. But it is important, and I sense that you would agree with me. Someone told me we are more aware of our ugly stuff than we are aware of our glory. Thus, two words: “Thank You”. Have a good week. T


  2. this sounds amazing, exhausting, and invigorating, all at the same time. how wonderful and i completely understand what your daughter said. it’s a compliment of the highest order. this is a fantastic post ) b


    1. Dr. KSBETH … I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you just sent out one of the more encouraging blog-replies I have been given in a while. Maybe this just comes natural. I get the impression that you have a worthy appreciation for the outdoors. Okay, keep up the good kindergardening … Those kiddos need you. Peace, T


      1. why, thank you, and i’m happy for that. yes, i am a great outdoors lover and never take it for granted. i will do my best to kindergarten away ) beth


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