Push, Pull

Push.  Pull.  The seen.  The unseen.   Choices come, choices made, choices fade; sometimes we don’t get it right.  

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“We are all spinning plates. One is going to drop, eventually.” 

Malcolm Gladwell, Blink 

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Some calls, better than others; tension, inherent to life.  We must experience times and places of rest.  To rest in the thick of the push-pull is a worthy endeavor; a restorative adventure.  

“She stared at the stars like they were pillow for her mind and in their light she could rest her heavy head.”  Christopher Poindexter 

“Rest and be thankful.” Image result for quotes rest William Wordsworth  / 

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”  Alan Cohen / “Women show men beauty in things beyond their ambitions. Women tell men to stop and smell the roses.” Related image Chriss Jami, (from Diotma, Battery, Electric Personality)


“Don’t you simply love going to bed? To curl up warmly in a nice warm bed, in the lovely darkness. That is so restful and then gradually drift away into sleep…” C.S. Lewis / “The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.” Benjamin Franklin       

Image result for images Rest is a disciplineIn some of my posts, I have referred to “the larger story”.  We have our own unique stories: they are our own, no one else’s.  It takes courage to walk out our story.  Our stories are not finished.  Our stories are still being written.  When we get caught up in doing, doing, doing … going, going, going … We might be avoiding what it is we are … really … supposed to be doing.  That is when we are in the “push-pull”, Image result for images push pull  fast decisions, extra work projects, giving up some sleep, allowing our emotions to be messed with.  One description of rest that I came upon years ago  has stuck with me: “Rest is a discipline.”  Wow, a discipline is something that one takes time to practicem because it is a priority.  Just a thought.