Piano Guys Hanging Out With Some Seniors


The visual …

that goes along with the medley, performed by the Piano Guys is unexplainably moving, unexplainably important, a reminder of honoring those who have gone before us.


The theme of community: I am compelled to write about community; and the theme of community, swirls here, in this video.  Let us not forget each other.  

Piano Guys, hanging out with some Seniors. us105fm.com


Piano Guys For You: 7 Cellos

Good Morning.  Piano Guys, again.  7 cellos.

7 guys, 7 different cellos, working in conjunction, producing something so beautiful.  Is this a metaphor, a reminder, of what community could look like? 

People taking time to connect, and hear each other, and speak words of life into the hearts and lives of each other, and to support each other, on some level.

Again, good morning.

Outside the Bottle … the Box? Good Morning!


Earlier this week, during one of my regular fitness programs, I was doing some Moonwalk reps (3 sets of 5) …  and I somewhat supernaturally encountered another fitness exercise by a group of guys from Britain, inspired by the same fellow … Michael Jackson, even though I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson.  But life is full of surprises, and sometimes we experience such life-full-of-surprises … outside the box, or even, possibly, outside the bottle.  Here it is, to hopefully pass on a fresh additive to your day.    One minute, fifty-three seconds; otherwise known as 1:53.



Also: Bill Bailey … the original Moonwalk from 1955 …  here is a link.  Recommendation: check out the first part of the video, to see the announcer’s hair style.  Then skip ahead 2 minutes mark ahead to see Bailey’s Moonwalk right away.  Oh, and Good Morning.


Piano Guys: Good Morning, And To The Ants Marching!

Good Morning / weheartit.com


One of

my more enjoyable responses to the profound question I am asked a great deal … “How ‘you doing?” …

“Well, I woke up.”

100% of the time, the “asker” smiles, or laughs, or verbally acknowledges the truth, translating my words as (paraphrased), “Yeah, that’s a good thing.”  So, Good Morning, my friends and my blogging associates.  

Music plays a role

in my plan of maintaining life, and joy, and hope,

into my morning.  

Puppy-into-the-music / http://galleryhip.com/puppy-listening-to-music.html

Here is a clip of the Piano Guys from Youtube that I think you will enjoy.


These guys have passion and creativity … those are two forces I am trying to guard in my own life.  So, when I saw this it tapped the passion, and the creativity that needed to be tapped.  Enjoy.






Wood, Rain, Wisdom (?)

Reflecting, remembering, recalling, recapturing certain stories from the places I see in the rear view mirror … there is a “domino affect” that happens from time to time. 

‘Chilly up here, the other side of the trees.  Almost cold.  It is cold, but not really cold, as in winter, as in the 30’s or below.  It’s cold mainly at night, early mornings.  On Tuesday, I lunged out of bed, headed for the coffee maker.  I  added my wool hat to my morning attire (Levis, flannel shirt / long-sleeved polo, Crocs).  My better half / my bride …  requested that I build a fire in the stove.  I was embarrassed that I didn’t have any dry wood.  During summer I remove  firewood from its place in the garage, due to incoming / ongoing / mind-boggling projects requiring space in the garage.  It has rained continuously.  I am not complaining, we can always use rain; although our gravel-dirt roads are taking a beating.  And that … is why I don’t have any dry firewood.  Yeaaah,: I should have my wood covered with a tarp.  So, the “domino affect”.  This scenario with the wood reminded me of a brief stint at Central Missouri State University, in Warrensburg (MO.), not far from the Ozarks.  I was sitting in a class taught by an older gentleman, Mr. Purdle: coke-bottle glasses, short-sleeve cotton shirts topped off with a tie, raspy voice, a kind soul, exuding invaluable life experience / humility / humor / wisdom, a story-telling master in the midst of his professorship.  One story comes up now, a story about Ozark humor and Ozark thinking.  Here it is with my slight paraphrase:

One weekend, my friend and I drove over to his grandparents’ home, to spend the weekend.  First night, it rained hard enough to remind us of how one fella built an ark, once before we were born.  There were at least three leaks in the roof.  My friend’s granddad had some five-gallon metal buckets placed underneath the leaks.  I asked the older man why he never fixed the leaks.  He said “Well, when its raining it is too slick to get up there, to fix those leaks.”  So I asked him why he didn’t fix the leaks when it wasn’t raining.  Old man’s response was “When it’s not raining, it’s not leaking.”

Do you see the connection?  I didn’t see a problem about not having any dry firewood, unless / until it was raining.  And when it was raining, I didn’t want to go out and get any wood.  Now, since my mind went from the Rocky Mountains to the Ozarks, specifically a class with Mr. Purdle, his stories about the Ozark people, as a result I was captured by another memory about a large two-day gathering of bands and people (just outside of Springfield, MO.) focused on having a festive time.  Families / children were there, but no drugs happening; the law wouldn’t put up with that.  One of the bands, “The Couch Dancers”, played music like the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, while standing couches up on one end and dancing with the couches, which included twirls and the rock-and-roll phenomenon.  I am now more attentive to getting dry wood, either covered by a tarp, or placed in a dry place, to get ahead of the rain.  And the stories?  I am quite devoted to such venues of wisdom and humor.  It is true: the stories must be told, lest we forget what is important.