Do, Be

“At least do something.”  Anonymous

An art to doing nothing … I’m learning about that art, the kind of nothing that counts for something.  A friend from the west stopped by one night, burgers and nocturnal coffee.  It was nice to “Be” hanging out, sipping black coffee.  My friend’s face transitioned into a mix of contemplation and consternation, confessing that he had spent too much time with “Do”, over the previous two decades.

“I thought that was the only way to be.  Dad told me that, ‘Work, son.  Just work.  Be the first one into the office.  Be the last one to leave.’  And that is what I did, for years.  Now, I’m so wiped out.  I’ve lost my way.  I don’t know how … to just be.  I don’t know who I am supposed to be.”

It is not always pleasant, moving into stillness.  How does one move into stillness? How does one practice the art of doing nothing … the kind of nothing that counts for something?