Getting Out Of The Forest

I’ve been in a forest. A metaphorical, thick, forest; trees so tall.  A forest where some of you have been.  Moonlight struggles to get through the overlapping, entangled, limbs and boughs.  The sun does not always waste it’s time on a wounded, weathered, soul, in an unforgiving wood.  Perception can be mutinous.  

 “Why have I spent time in that forest?”  

“Because it’s where I am supposed to be.”

 Mutinous perception.  More accurately, a lie.  It’s not where I belong.  Hmmm … I must remember that.  “Where am I supposed to be?” Maybe we know where we are supposed to be. Or,  not.  Maybe it is more about vision; honorable longings; redemptive passion.  To follow, and walk out, the vision.  To release that which is good, the passion that speaks of who we are.


9 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The Forest

    1. Beth – – – I’m encouraged by that, your perspective, and it does fit … in my mind … with your blog reflecting who you are, and how you see things in the day-to-day … You are about what is happening now, and what we can step into. Yes, I agree that redemption is happening. You are reminding of that, and also reminding me to intentionally step into the redemption, and embrace it. Have a good week. Leaves are turning right now? Colorado’s colors have nothing on you guys in Michigan.

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      1. i have been in many hard/challenging places in my life and i choose to continue to move forward, with respect for the lessons i’ve learned, but with gratitude and hope for where i am now and for what i may become.


  1. Beautiful post, so refreshing for me who is in London right now to imagine the trees of the forest! Where do I belong? I am looking for that, but I think we belong where we carry our homes like snails and we can start over… there are places more or less beautiful, … with trees or without, beauty has so many different forms… But finally our heart decides where home is… and it could also move 😉


    1. Are you loving London? (You don’t have to respond). The metaphor, a snail carrying their home wherever they go, as we do … really good. We are, yes, different place for different purposes. So enjoy your freedom to be able to move different places. It’s a priceless opportunity.

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