Dad Man: A Tribute

Bill Davis, AKA Dad Man on the right.


Odd, it is, such a nickname.  Not used exclusively.  We used “Dad” most of the time.  Grandkids called him “Popaw”, who was married to “MiMi” (short i). And if you weren’t family, he was known mostly as “Bill”; sometimes “Billy”; and rarely “Willy”.  Dad Man, also known as Bill Davis, was my Dad, as already Mentioned.  And Dad Man passed away this morning: Friday morning, 7:45 CDT.  We are hugely thankful that he did not suffer in his final week.  In fact, he fell asleep on Thursday the 16th, and continued sleeping until this morning.  Dad Man was on a U.S. Navy ship in the South Pacific, in WWII.  They did “mine sweeps”, sending divers down to release the mines; they would rise to the surface, where sharp shooters could detonate the bombs.  My Dad was a passionate high school basketball coach; a  high school principal; and he loved his golf.  His storytelling ability / giftedness was second to none.  He was authentic, trustworthy, and had real humility.  A great father, a great husband, and he loved to laugh … a laugh that was wildly contagious.

My last post was about the Return of the Prodigal.  This man in the picture is the Dad who always loved me, never rejected, always welcomed me.  A great man, Bill Davis.  I will miss him.

10 thoughts on “Dad Man: A Tribute

    1. My head, different places … I read these words of yours for the third (?) time now … thought I may have responded. Now I don’t think I have. Simply want to thank you for your dispatch (I don’t think that is the best word …) Thank you for “catching” that piece, that my Dad always welcomed me back. It was good, and it was comforting to me, as I am trying to move forward, one step at a time. We are flying out on Thursday morning … The memorial is on Saturday. Take care of your self, in the midst of those wildly enthusiastic, plotting, scheming, kindergartners.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dad with us, T. He sounds like the kind of dad every child deserves to have & I bet he acted that role for many of his students. I still remember one of my elementary school principals fondly all these years later. Take care, T, & hugs.


    1. “BeingBodeker” … I always liked that name for your blog. Always liked your blog. I’ve been outside the blogosphere for a while, and I am making efforts to get back in and back on track with the great bloggers (as in you). Your words actually connected deep, and disrupted some of my numbness that has moved into my soul. Thank you, SO much for those words of life. Being able to read others’ words, their posts, and see their good hearts … reminds me why I am glad that I blog. Have a good week.

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  2. hey T – sorry I missed this – but I have thought of you so many times this summer – even peeked in on one of your blogs – not sure how I missed this post!
    and glad his final week was smooth – also – loved reading the tidbits about him – ❤️❤️❤️Bill Davis 💙💙💙
    have a great day my friend and sending blog hug!


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