Hold On! It’s (Already) A Bumpy Ride!


Many months ago, I wrote a post about a kiddo … an autistic boy, 11 at the time … charged with a felony, because he kicked a chair at school.  A police officer handcuffed Kayleb.  Two weeks later, Kayleb was told, when school let out, that he had to stay after school.  This young autistic boy became agitated, especially as the school police officer laid hands on Kayleb, and then handcuffed Kayleb (again).  This story has a good ending.  For over a year, it was a very, bumpy, ride.  I’ll come back to that ending.


When was your last bumpy ride, fellow bloggers and epic adventurers? You are in the midst of one, now?  Yeah.  Me, too.  Writers write, one of the reasons is to RELEASE “it”: the ridiculousness of the chaos we are in; the frustration of being immensely frazzled; the heaviness in our hearts because we worn down, discouraged, wondering if we are going to get through this one …  And there are more battles beyond this one.


Sunday, when we arrived back from the city, to the Other Side of the Trees, we had no water.  I tried all possible options for what the problem(s) were.  Nothing worked.  I found the 7 gallon blue water containers, and went to our neighbor who lives about 100 yards up the mountain.  Here it is Thursday night, and still no water.  But … we do have the “diagnosis”.  It’s not what we wanted, but, at least we know the problem.  We have to replace the well pump.  I think, the well is 75 feet deep, which is nothing compared to some folks.  Hopefully, he will be here tomorrow.  Water?  I don’t know, hopefully tomorrow, but most probably Saturday.  It’s really stressful to not have water.  The same day that Water Man came to diagnose our “up-creek-without-a-paddle-situation”, I had to go into the city to get my friend, Brake Man, to replace the brake pads.  Indeed … what a bumpy ride.

Now, back to Kayleb’s story.  Kayleb was going to be an 11-year old felon for getting agitated, and two weeks later resisting a police officer when the officer tried to restrain him.  About 150,000 people from all over the planet joined the fight, calling out for Kayleb’s justice, for all charges to be dropped.  I received an EMAIL  March 14th with the good news that Kayleb’s charges were finally dropped.  The boy is 13 now.  REALLY?  It took THAT LONG … to clear this up?  Indeed.  A very bumpy ride.

Snow Cat

Light on the Mountain 2Writers appreciate the unexpected, other than tragedy, costly expenses, illness, disputes with spouse, etc.  This past weekend I was up at Copper Mountain (ski area) to watch a young man race in a snow shoe competition.  It was a spark to my heart and soul as the young buck launched himself off the starting line.  I stuck around for the closing ceremony.  About six in the evening, I walked out to the ski slopes: surreal, beautiful, hauntingly still … snow accentuated by the light from a full moon; not a skier or snowboarder in sight.  IMG_1122

Up on the mountain, a light … a small light … was piercing the twilight that happens after the sunset, but before the night settles in.  I took a picture with my cell phone.  And the light gradually came closer … Moments like these … standing alone with no one to hang out with, at the base of an immaculately groomed mountain, chairSnow Cat 2 lifts suspended … are as if they belong to a dream.    The night was getting a bit darker, the snow was becoming a bit more luminous, and the only sign of life was a piercing, moving, light moving down the slope … 11,000 feet up a mountain.  Finally, the light became close enough for me to have a better understanding, of what I was looking at.    

Snow Cat expand

Up on the mountain, the night mixes with the wind.  Cold rides in with the wind.  Let the light come, down the mountain.  It brings joy, and it pushes back the darkness.