Be Active, Where You Are!


Back In My Younger Days … I worked a summer job up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  A place called the Trail Ridge Store, right-smack-dab in the middle of the drive, Trail Ridge Road, from Grand Lake on the west end, to Estes Park on the east end.  During the summer, tourists start on one side or the other, drive 24 miles up to the store, and then get out and buy some chili, or a sandwich, or coffee, or trinkets, or camera film, or jewelry, or a t-shirt, etc.  And after the restroom break, the family gets back in their vacation-mobile, and continue on their way, this time down the other side.  What was always interesting … to me, was that visitors entered the park, parked a couple of times on the way up for pictures, stopped at the store, and parked a few times for pictures on the way down.  And most folks wouldn’t take time to get active, hike a trail, and really see what is out there.  But then again, they were probably on a timetable.  They had to be in Denver for their hotel reservation, west, or in Boulder for a hotel reservation there.

Timetables.  Cover as much ground as you can, even if it means missing some wonderful experiences along the way.  Be active, right where you are at.  Or, don’t.

By the way, special thanks to my friend Bryan, who inspired me write this post.





6 thoughts on “Be Active, Where You Are!

  1. what an amazing picture. do you think the timeline was more important to them than the actual experience? just something to check off the list, having passed through? it it like waking up and never opening up your eyes to see the sun, or listening to an i-pod during a live concert by bach himself- you were there, but not really –


  2. Love this post! For me, the ‘active’ part of it wouldn’t come into it as much – what I really detest is the hiding behind a screen taking photos rather than just soaking up the raw beauty in front of you. Sometimes I feel that we, as a society, spend so much time saving memories for later that we forget to enjoy the moment itself. I want to shout; Seize the day! Live in the Now!
    I have never been to the Rocky Mountain National Park myself, but I’m pretty sure John Denver’s song, ‘Rocky Mountain High’ sums it up quite nicely. Worth a listen to, that is.


    1. Your words are a great addition to this post, a rallying echo to my heart’s passion for doing something worthwhile in the outdoors. Yes … The absurdity / sadness of saving memories without joyfully embracing the treasures we are the midst of. Again, good words.


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