My wee drone showreel

Ahhhh … Kirk has done it again. I’ve been following Kirk’s blog for a while … I have a special place in my heart for all things Antarctic, and all people, Antarctic. Hope you enjoy this great footage.

Kirk of the Antarctic

Having owned drones for a while.  I decided I wanted to use them commercially as I could fly them well.  So just a few weeks ago my licence arrived through the post and here is a bit of footage from the last few weeks to show a little of what myself and my drone (Inspire 1) can do.  What I love about the inspire camera is it shoots amazing quality and it looks like all my other cameras.  Unlike the old drone with a go pro where the horizon and edges are all bent and distorted.  I’m very happy with it.

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2 thoughts on “My wee drone showreel

  1. I dont know where to write this. Read and erase. My ex loved our child so deeply. Then in adolescence she began to show OCD, social anxiety and extreme frustration. Meds made it worse. Then she refused to try new ones. Now at 25 all my efforts to find her help end in disappointment. Now she is homeless and violent. It is so heart bteaking. I begged her father to help me find her help. He wont even acknowledge she has mental illness. My heart is broken. My anger can only cover it up for brief moments. My friend John Etheridge has a schiziphrenic son that just stopped eating and,was hospitalulized. Our pain is so dufficult. Thank you for being so loving. It helps a little.


    1. Hey BIOCHICKLE — I was trying to connect w your EMAIL, but my iPhone is sometimes a non-team-player. For now … a few thoughts. I am humbled, appreciative … Our stories are so powerful. There is so much meaning, and hope is there, though sometimes hidden, burrowed in. Your story is all of that … And it is sacred. I worked with high-risk children / women / men for about 17 years. For the last 3 years I’ve stepped out of the field. You mentioned John (Book of Bokeh) … I’ve follows his blogs since I started blogging. I have a heat deal of respect for the man. Bummer! I am out of time …my heart goes out to you for your excruciatingly painful situation… I’d like get back to you … Peace in the storm.


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