Keep the Pieces Coming

I’m fortunate in so many ways  …  Countless ways.  Even the wounds are a gift.  For I I learn from all of this.  Every week or every other, I meet with a wise woman, walking with me for a short season.  I bring a few pieces for the puzzle; I reach down, I reach out, to find pieces that might fit.  Sometimes a piece will fit.   I might want a piece to fit, but it doesn’t.  I just keep the pieces coming.  I call this process “Puzzle-ing”.


4 thoughts on “Keep the Pieces Coming

    1. I like the way that sounds. Duke (Ellington) said “If it ain’t got that swing, it don’t mean a thing … DU-WOP DU-WOP DU-WOP …” Good words Beth. I am going to assume that you guys are not getting any flooding up there. You don’t need to respond … I’ve been tracking with the South … Houston is in serious trouble, as you have heard … and in upper Louisiana / East Texas, the Red River is at flood stage. Bad situation. Stay dry.

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    1. Ahhhhhhh …. a sacred place, as long as the healer / change agent holds things sacred, and focuses redemptively on matters of the heart. I’m immensely privileged that you visited. I like your blog but have not been freed up to get around the blogosphere, lately. Peace.

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