Snows, Spring, Pushing Through

SnowBelle in Snow
SnowBelle in front of the two feet of snow.

Three days ago I walked out to see how much snow was still on the ground.  A few patches in the shady places, where sunlight filters through the trees.  My thoughts were that Spring is coming through the mountains; that we had seen the last of snow.  Such thoughts were in the space of obliviousness.  I had not checked the weather, which according to some folks up here is a cardinal sin.

Two days ago some of the people I work with were talking it up:

“How much?”

“They’re saying up to two feet above 8,000.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Oh, it’s gonna happen. It’s going to be a upslope.”



Yesterday morning, the snow was just getting ramped up.  Around noon, I had to push through my reluctance and the thick snow on the driveway.  Snow blower doesn’t work, so it was me and shovel.  We finally measured our driveway a while back.  I would not have guessed, but its 450 feet long.  There is a curve in the middle. I embraced the thick wool dungarees  that I bought in 1992 at a thrift store; a t-shirt; a workout jacket; a polar fleece; wool hat; Sorrels snow boots; and some gloves (one right, and one left).  I attacked the snow, driving back my nemesis (one of my nemesis), to the sides of the driveway.  I felt like Gandalf, not with a staff but with a shovel, standing against the bellrog: “YOU … SHALL … NOT … PASS!!!”

By evening it was hammering pretty good.  This morning, I looked out the sliding glass door at the two feet of snow.  Ahhhhh.  Just what I was looking for: more snow to shovel on my 450 feet steep-steep driveway.  So … switching  gears.   The metaphor of the snowstorm connected with my heart and mind.  I’ve been in a difficult season that has gone on … way too long.  There have been several events over the last 7 years that have knocked me off the horse.  In some ways, I have been a hiding man.  In other ways I have been a wounded man.  A handful of people, who know me well enough to speak candidly with me, have said numerous times over the last seven years: “T: get back in the game …”; “Get back on the horse …”; “You know what you’re supposed to be doing, so do it …”  I don’t resent their counsel.  They are right.  And yet, I see some logic to the idea, expressed in this hypothetical question: “Why should I get back on the horse … just to be knocked off, again?”  The snowstorm metaphor.  I have no choice but to push back the snow.  The snow cannot win.  I have what it takes.  As Winston Churchill said: “This will be our finest hour.” Chances are that some who are reading this post might have experienced some of the same anguish, some of the same type of dilemma.   So, are we going to do this?  Are we going to push through?










8 thoughts on “Snows, Spring, Pushing Through

  1. Chris

    We, as men and women, have been searching for only lies in Eden. And we keep looking for it despite being told we’ll never find it nor be allowed back in again. It is not happiness we find in deep unplowed driveways, rather we find acceptance that snow happens in our lives. We find tools to help us navigate and clear a path until the next falling blankets the way. Thank you so much for the shovels you’ve given me; there is no longer any storm greater than the ability to clear away the path.

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    1. Wow. (Pause)
      My head is spinning a bit, here. The truth that our anguish, our emptiness, our gaps, our unmet needs … connected with our (passionate) search for what lies in Eden … Not happiness, but acceptance … that snow happens in our lives. Hey, Man, your words have really uplifted me. Thank you. I hope all is well in Minnesota. Your Spring is coming … Peace


  2. Hey T – first of all – really enjoyed the artsy photo of snowball – the angle that gives us the lines of the porch and the vast frame in your nice years – and of course cute snowbelle. and did you say 1992? wow – that is quite a while ago and I bet they are so well made.

    Now I can always email you some more thoughts- but wanted to share here a bit first – especially because as you quoted Churchill – well just yesterday I stumbled on a different churchill quote – that also fits the feel of your words…

    he said “if you’re going through hell, keep going” and doesn’t that fit right in here???

    I found the quote when I was actually reading about the herxheimer reaction – when people are healing from a certain physical illness they sometimes have a herx effect – which is where they feel worse – and can feel really bad and they want to give up or try something else – but in reality they are getting better and the herx is a natural part of the healing process. They might need to lighten up their healing protocol – sleep more – or pause but it will serve them well if they can just “ride it out”- and then once the herx phase passes (and it will) they continue to heal and get better and stronger.
    and like King David said – “he has been young and he has been old – and he has never seen the righteous forsaken” – that always encourages me because it reminds me that the all powerful all knowing God has a grip on every detail of our lives – every up and down – every season and even a parched decade – and He will never gives us more than we can handle – and maybe in our lives he sometimes uses these trying times as part of our spiritual herx effect – like maybe (and likely) deep down inside it is for our good – and also impacting things we will never see – and so as we keep going we do so with that in mind and in and through the strength he gives us. which is another reason why we write posts like this – and we align our thinking to the truth – otherwise how could we even get back up on the horse even if we wanted to.
    hm – just some thoughts after reading your beautifully transparent post. God has good things in store and right now is a part of it – and I really love romans 8:28 – ttys xxoo


    1. Selah …
      Hey, Dr. Priorhouse … I look forward to EMAILing you back some thoughts about your words of life and comfort and encouragement and prophetic truth … I am due to shift gears and change clothes for some work I am scheduled to do … So, more later. Thank you for this… Peace

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