Piano Guys: Good Morning, And To The Ants Marching!

Good Morning / weheartit.com


One of

my more enjoyable responses to the profound question I am asked a great deal … “How ‘you doing?” …

“Well, I woke up.”

100% of the time, the “asker” smiles, or laughs, or verbally acknowledges the truth, translating my words as (paraphrased), “Yeah, that’s a good thing.”  So, Good Morning, my friends and my blogging associates.  

Music plays a role

in my plan of maintaining life, and joy, and hope,

into my morning.  

Puppy-into-the-music / http://galleryhip.com/puppy-listening-to-music.html

Here is a clip of the Piano Guys from Youtube that I think you will enjoy.


These guys have passion and creativity … those are two forces I am trying to guard in my own life.  So, when I saw this it tapped the passion, and the creativity that needed to be tapped.  Enjoy.








  1. Oh T – fun post – glad you “woke up again today” to post it! ha –

    and the
    “4 Guys, 3 min, 2 cellos, 1 piano….”
    was cool – what performers and musicians.


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