Writers From The Past

A couple of nights ago, my wife and the kids were down in the city.  We stopped off at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  I’ve been to that place countless times, sitting up in the cafe sipping on a cup of mud, reading this or that.  At Barnes & Noble, there are murals (for lack of a better word) up on the wall above the cafe.  They are images of writers … writers from the past.  I always, always, always, take time to stare at those faces.  I am inspired by these folks.  I find myself considering this thought: “I wonder what it would be like … to be able to write like these guys.”

Writers From The Past
Writers From The Past

10 thoughts on “Writers From The Past

  1. what dense little post you give us here – 🙂 tasty in a few ways….
    esp. this “sitting up in the cafe sipping on a cup of mud…” and inspired by the art…


    1. My, my … you are putting good words to one of the more powerful dynamics of good writing: “keep at it … and at it”. In Steven King’s book on writing, there are many things that stand out, including “Writers write …”, talking about the idea that if one wants to be a writer, one must put in the time, consistently. And, I know you are a true writer, my friend. That’s one reason you have a really good blog.


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