Going Back? Dialog Series #3

“Holiday, coming.  Are you heading southward, to see your folks?  You have some older brothers, there as well, eh?  And your parents?”

“Parents and my two brothers (a nod), down there, east of Dallas.”

Wood Stove
Wood Stove

Both men sat in the logged house, a small place, in chairs made of gnarled pine posts, smoothed from years of use and exposure to the wood stove heat.  Words were suspended in the air, transformed into vapor and memory.

“I am not going back . . . “

“It is a drive, isn’t it …. What, about 1200 miles?  Twenty-two hours?”

“If I drive straight through, its only about eighteen hours.  And, around 120o.”

“Boy, that is a bear of a trip.  So you’re not going to make it this year.”

“Naw.  I’m not going back.  Its one thing to pack up, load up, head out on a 1200 mile trip…  (pause) But, the trip … or the thought of the trip … is a metaphor for the struggle I’ve had for years: ‘going back’ to the lies I bought into, the l mistakes I’ve made in my life.  In that sense, I’m not going back, or backwards. ”

“So, why is it that we want to … ‘go back’?”

“For me, I think I go back to my past because it is easy, a path of processing that has very little resistance.  I know those apparitions.  I know my past.  I think that I can change it by  going there.  As for what is ahead, I don’t know it because I’ve never been there.  But I plan on going there, soon.”

“Yeah.   Me, too.  There is good stuff happening there.”

Outside the Bottle … the Box? Good Morning!


Earlier this week, during one of my regular fitness programs, I was doing some Moonwalk reps (3 sets of 5) …  and I somewhat supernaturally encountered another fitness exercise by a group of guys from Britain, inspired by the same fellow … Michael Jackson, even though I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson.  But life is full of surprises, and sometimes we experience such life-full-of-surprises … outside the box, or even, possibly, outside the bottle.  Here it is, to hopefully pass on a fresh additive to your day.    One minute, fifty-three seconds; otherwise known as 1:53.



Also: Bill Bailey … the original Moonwalk from 1955 …  here is a link.  Recommendation: check out the first part of the video, to see the announcer’s hair style.  Then skip ahead 2 minutes mark ahead to see Bailey’s Moonwalk right away.  Oh, and Good Morning.


Piano Guys: Good Morning, And To The Ants Marching!

Good Morning / weheartit.com


One of

my more enjoyable responses to the profound question I am asked a great deal … “How ‘you doing?” …

“Well, I woke up.”

100% of the time, the “asker” smiles, or laughs, or verbally acknowledges the truth, translating my words as (paraphrased), “Yeah, that’s a good thing.”  So, Good Morning, my friends and my blogging associates.  

Music plays a role

in my plan of maintaining life, and joy, and hope,

into my morning.  

Puppy-into-the-music / http://galleryhip.com/puppy-listening-to-music.html

Here is a clip of the Piano Guys from Youtube that I think you will enjoy.


These guys have passion and creativity … those are two forces I am trying to guard in my own life.  So, when I saw this it tapped the passion, and the creativity that needed to be tapped.  Enjoy.






Writers From The Past

A couple of nights ago, my wife and the kids were down in the city.  We stopped off at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  I’ve been to that place countless times, sitting up in the cafe sipping on a cup of mud, reading this or that.  At Barnes & Noble, there are murals (for lack of a better word) up on the wall above the cafe.  They are images of writers … writers from the past.  I always, always, always, take time to stare at those faces.  I am inspired by these folks.  I find myself considering this thought: “I wonder what it would be like … to be able to write like these guys.”

Writers From The Past
Writers From The Past