Raccoons: Masked Bandits

On the other side of the trees, for the Mother of Nine9 blogger, there is some wildness happening, among a group of raccoons. Here is the story, from mother of nine9 blog (http://themotherofnine9.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/raccoons-masked-bandits/) … You need to visit this blog.

mother of nine9

Raccoons have bullied their way into my summer kitchen ( Well in days gone past it was the summer kitchen. Now it is a combination garden shed, wood shed and thoroughfare WITH NO LESS THAN FOUR DOORS).  They climbed on top of boxes to reach the top of our stand-up freezer and literally demolished all of my youngest daughter’s stored dry goods she is collecting for when she sets up house for the new university term. If something was in their way and not edible, they tossed it down.
I scrubbed their muddy footprints, swept, vacuumed, picked up broken glass and hide the garbage can on the landing, behind a door, in the cellar because I was airing out the basement with all the windows and one door open. Well , last night they were back, undeterred. I heard a banging and weren’t those masked bandits in the cellar, up…

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