“In Some Nia”? No! “Insomnia”

Nobody panic.  I know what I am doing.  I’ve been a practitioner of insomnia for the last thirty years.  Not intentionally, it just emerged, showed up, arrived, without any invitation, or a heads-up.  As we speak (speak?) I am at … 4:32 am, at the blogging place, with fairly high awareness levels.  As someone once asked, “What do you mean ‘awareness levels’, O man of slight eccentricities on the Other Side of the Trees?”

I am glad you asked.  I knew I was awake, but not necessarily aware of much, and then I was moving, letting the Force guide my soles, my soul, to my Crocs that I inherited from my son who did not want them.  Gravitational force brought me to the fridge, doors were opened, and a shimmering, transcedent light broke up the darkness.  I stood in awe of the beautiful light, and found one small container of red and yellow pepper slices.  I chose a red pepper slice, carefully, amazed at how wonderful it was.  Then, I saw it.  I could not believe my eyes: a container of strawberries. My hand moved slowly to the container quietly, with hopes that no one else would hear, removed one strawberry: an absolutely stunning fruit.  Before I could turn and go to the sink to rinse the strawberry, I froze, my eyes studying the strawberries, and carefully removed a second strawberry.  content that has no flavor  I rinsed the two strawberries, tasted the miracles, continued tasting the miracles until the evidence had mysteriously vanished.  The joyful and delicious experience of my palate was, and is, beyond words.  I followed this up with a large glass of cool water.  And all of this, a taste of heaven … perhaps … led me to the tapping I am hearing on the keys of my laptop.  I am reminded that insomnia is not always a bad thing.  In fact good things can happen, when I least expect it.


2 thoughts on ““In Some Nia”? No! “Insomnia”

  1. well T – with your awesome writing I was right there with you looking in the fridge. and the time – well made me think of another swicthfoot song ( four o’clock in the morning…..” ha! but seriously – I do think of you EVERY time “love is worth the fight comes on” – which is a few times a week because it is on my regular listening playlist right now – and well, I have decided that now when it comes on – I will lift you and your family up in prayer – nothing major – and just as God leads – but hey – why not!
    anyhow, loved your ending…
    “I am reminded that insomnia is not always a bad thing. In fact good things can happen….”

    peace out ❤


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