Bear Conflict … Resolution???

Wilder Man On Rolling Creek Trail

I was not looking for any trouble.  ‘Serious.  But, I did try to sneak one in … through the wildlife neighborhood.  Tuesday nights I get the trash ready for the pickup on Wednesday morning.  Throughout the winter I brought out the heavy-lidded containers Tuesday night, with a great appreciation for this “hibernation” thing that bears do.

Summer has crept in, as I crept out with my trash containers each Tuesday night.  As of last week, “so far, so good”.  But tonight, my daughter came to me with some sparkle in her eyes, a mischievous smile, “Dad … I think there is a bear out there.  Stash (dog) is going nuts out there on the big deck.  I think I heard something down by the road, beating up on your garbage cans.”

I drove down in the jeep.  As soon as I saw the can laying on its side, its contents…

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Postcards from Bunratty, Co. Clare

One of my favorite bloggers I follow, The Silver Voice, posted this at the end of May, and I think it is worthwhile experiencing … otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. T


This week I enjoyed  a stroll around Bunratty where I had gone to meet an internet blog friend from the USA who had been in Ireland doing some research for a book. (What a fascinating and interesting  woman Janet Maher is –  she blogs at  It was a warm,sunny afternoon – just perfect for an amble in this world-famous tiny village. Bunratty  lies between Limerick City and Shannon Airport on the Limerick to Galway road, and is one of Ireland’s premier tourist attractions. It is particularly pleasant now that the heavy traffic has been diverted to a bypass, making it a great place for pedestrians and for those who wish to stop a while.

Bunratty  Castle Bunratty Castle

Dating from 1425, Bunratty Castle was restored in the 1960s. It is now Ireland’s most complete medieval fortress,open to the public and hosting the daily world-famous medieval banquets. Bunratty Castle is part of the…

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“In Some Nia”? No! “Insomnia”

Nobody panic.  I know what I am doing.  I’ve been a practitioner of insomnia for the last thirty years.  Not intentionally, it just emerged, showed up, arrived, without any invitation, or a heads-up.  As we speak (speak?) I am at … 4:32 am, at the blogging place, with fairly high awareness levels.  As someone once asked, “What do you mean ‘awareness levels’, O man of slight eccentricities on the Other Side of the Trees?”

I am glad you asked.  I knew I was awake, but not necessarily aware of much, and then I was moving, letting the Force guide my soles, my soul, to my Crocs that I inherited from my son who did not want them.  Gravitational force brought me to the fridge, doors were opened, and a shimmering, transcedent light broke up the darkness.  I stood in awe of the beautiful light, and found one small container of red and yellow pepper slices.  I chose a red pepper slice, carefully, amazed at how wonderful it was.  Then, I saw it.  I could not believe my eyes: a container of strawberries. My hand moved slowly to the container quietly, with hopes that no one else would hear, removed one strawberry: an absolutely stunning fruit.  Before I could turn and go to the sink to rinse the strawberry, I froze, my eyes studying the strawberries, and carefully removed a second strawberry.  content that has no flavor  I rinsed the two strawberries, tasted the miracles, continued tasting the miracles until the evidence had mysteriously vanished.  The joyful and delicious experience of my palate was, and is, beyond words.  I followed this up with a large glass of cool water.  And all of this, a taste of heaven … perhaps … led me to the tapping I am hearing on the keys of my laptop.  I am reminded that insomnia is not always a bad thing.  In fact good things can happen, when I least expect it.