Claire Davis: Peace, You Will Be Missed By Many


Claire Davis died on Saturday  12/21/13 at Littleton Adventist Hospital.  Claire Davis died from a gunshot wound, she sustained from a school shooter at Arapahoe High School, 12/13/13.

Please know I am not an activist for gun control, nor for NRA. This post is about acknowledgeing Claire Davis as an innocent victim.  This shooting at Arapahoe High School (12/13/13) took place one day before the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown Connecticut. Final thought: since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, there have been 23 school shootings in America.

“Massacres like the one that killed 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary School a year ago are rare, but there have been 23 mass-shootings in the US since.”

I have a question that you do not have to answer.  Does that number concern you?   It concerns me.  


4 thoughts on “Claire Davis: Peace, You Will Be Missed By Many

    1. Many years ago … in fact it was a couple of centuries … a wise man told me in the midst of a discussion about a mother grieving for her son “A mother’s love runs deep.” I never forgot that. At times I think that it is good mothers, and good fathers who are somewhere near the core of our country’s strength holding it together through hope, and their choices to walk it out, each hour, each day, each month, each year. Its people like you, KSbeth. Keep on. T


    1. Michael, two potent pivotal words you used consecutively: “Unbelievably” and “tragic”. I know that your heart and calling to work with animals to advocate for them, their safety. And you are doing it. The world is a better place for it. In our schools, there is no significant progress in my assessment to change this momentum of violence. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I will be stopping by soon to see what you are writing. Peace.


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