Tis the Season … Greed and Need: Same Thing?

'Tis the Season.

“Tis the season …”  For what?  http://longisland.news12.com/features/holidays/tis-the-season-series-1.6494620

I need a refresher course on this; a refocus supplement.  I think I need to reconnect with what is important.   This world seems to be moving faster as I get a bit older.  I was thinking about what it is that I really need . . . versus what it is that I really want.  Here is an example: I have gone to the refrigerator more than once, peered inside … not because I was really hungry, but … out of my boredom, or melancholy, or some other emotion.  Thus the question, “What am I hungry for?”  Recently I came across an article that seemed to be more about “greed”, as opposed to “need”.   Here is an excerpt from the article.  I chose to replace the name of the subject with “Happy People”, to prevent any unwanted phone calls from someone who is angry that I called them out on their greed.

“(Happy People)‘s top execs are using their private fleet of jets to fly to some of the world’s most exotic vacation spots — and taxpayers appear to be footing part of the bill.
When they aren’t grounded at NASA’s Moffett Field, the search engine’s jets guzzle government fuel to carry (Happy People)‘s billionaire bosses to Tahiti, Hawaii and a host of private Caribbean beaches, according to a detailed analysis reviewed by FoxNews.com.
(Happy People) — and the government — say parking spaces and discounted fuel are justified because of the scientific research the company does with the space agency. But the data shows trips may be more about surf than science, said Drew Johnson, a fellow at the Center for Individual Freedom.”  http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/11/21/google-execs-soaring-to-tropical-destinations-on-your-tax-dollars/

Private Jet

These two words,”greed” and “need”, can be disruptive.  Example: parents of a special-needs child, who don’t make enough money to go on a vacation, who don’t have date nights because they cannot be away from their kiddo … Do they need some help?  And is it greed for the husband / father to want to take his wife out for a date night?  Is it greed for the husband / father to want to take his family on a vacation?  I realize that the link at the end of the excerpt might suggest what company the article is referencing.  


3 thoughts on “Tis the Season … Greed and Need: Same Thing?

  1. interesting, i spend most of the afternoon having the ‘need vs. want’ concept discussion with the 4 and 5 year olds in my kindergarten class. we decided we need, ‘a place to live, something to wear and something to eat.’ everything else is a want. i wish adults understood this so well.


    1. HA ! Kiddos can get it, some adults refuse to get it. Adults who have their heads and hearts right are thankful we have superstars like you teaching our kindergarten kids. Keep up the good work planting seeds of transcendent wisdom with these young scholars. Peace, T


      1. thank you so much for your kind words, t. to me, it seems the most honest, intuitive way to teach and learn. i hope that the kinders carry this out into the world as they go – beth


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