Backcountry Blogger, No blogging: Just Fire Mitigation

First day off in the last 8 days.  I’ve been in the back-country doing fire mitigation, with the exception of four days in the Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) where our team was hired to plant 20,000 plants.  This “planting” job is an adventure I don’t think I ever want to repeat, but if I was asked to go back again, who knows?  Currently we are working up in the Arapaho / Roosevelt National Forest just above an old mining town – – – Silver Plume, Colorado, current population 169.

We get to where we are working by railroad, usually a 5′ by 5′ square yellow rail car, pulling an equipment car (about 6′ long, 4′ wide), with 12″ rail bordering the cart, to keep equipment from sliding off.  Here is one picture that is definitely more of an experience to see if this will come through.


The fire mitigation can be described far better than me, because this is not what I do … as a career.  I am a writer, and a psychotherapist, and I enjoy picking up different jobs from time to time.  You may have to hit the link to see it.  I’m showing this, because when my daughter saw it, she laughed, and so did my wife.  I was trying to speak, an the train-horn plasted both times interrupting me.  Then I started thinking out loud about the train horn-blasts when the video  stopped.  Its been good to have a little time to catch-up on some excellent blogs / posts.

Well that is all for now, T

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