Backcountry Blogger, No blogging: Just Fire Mitigation

First day off in the last 8 days.  I’ve been in the back-country doing fire mitigation, with the exception of four days in the Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) where our team was hired to plant 20,000 plants.  This “planting” job is an adventure I don’t think I ever want to repeat, but if I was asked to go back again, who knows?  Currently we are working up in the Arapaho / Roosevelt National Forest just above an old mining town – – – Silver Plume, Colorado, current population 169.

We get to where we are working by railroad, usually a 5′ by 5′ square yellow rail car, pulling an equipment car (about 6′ long, 4′ wide), with 12″ rail bordering the cart, to keep equipment from sliding off.  Here is one picture that is definitely more of an experience to see if this will come through.


The fire mitigation can be described far better than me, because this is not what I do … as a career.  I am a writer, and a psychotherapist, and I enjoy picking up different jobs from time to time.  You may have to hit the link to see it.  I’m showing this, because when my daughter saw it, she laughed, and so did my wife.  I was trying to speak, an the train-horn plasted both times interrupting me.  Then I started thinking out loud about the train horn-blasts when the video  stopped.  Its been good to have a little time to catch-up on some excellent blogs / posts.

Well that is all for now, T

Dilemma: Excellent DVD / Catharsis Prevention

‘Wrote a post a while back about movies that can make a man weep.  Here is a safety-tip: try to analyze the title of the movie, maintaining a high level of awareness, to avoid the possibility of tears.  For me, my preference is to ALWAYS avoid movies that have the potential to make a man weep.  Hey: a movie can get past you.  Sometimes the Mrs. picks out the movie right?  I have an excuse for “Bambi” and “Old Yeller”.  I was a kid.

So, my dilemma with this DVD, is that it made me weep.  I almost pulled it off.  I reached the end, and then … it happened.  So, gentlemen, I will go ahead and give you the name of the movie so that you can keep yourself from getting drawn into a movie that might cause you to weep in front of your wife or your girlfriend: AWKWARD ! & BUMMER!   So here is the movie: “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I usually don’t recommend movies that bring about some degree of weeping.  Another dilemma: I normally stay away from movies that come ANYWHERE close to the 9/11 tragedy (2001).  However, the movie really is not about the 9/11 tragedy.  It is about profound relational dynamics that come up with loss, grief, confusion, and re-connecting. “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” is a great movie.  I cautiously recommend the movie, with the understanding that even though this movie IS NOT ABOUT 9/11 … one could be triggered; thus, my caution.  The acting is top-notch / Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks.  I don’t know anything about the kiddo.  But he portrays an Aspergers kiddo.  And I guess that hits home, right in the breadbasket.  My son is an Aspergers kiddo.  Thomas Horn portrays the 9-year-old boy Oscar Schell, who is (in the movie) somewhere on the Autism spectrum, trying to make sense of everything.