Thief in the Night; and Churchill

True Story.

Years ago late one night, Harold  – – –  my upstairs neighbor – – – was getting robbed.  Before I knew what was happening,  I drove into the driveway, seeing a Ford pickup backed up to the front door.

Something is wrong here.
Cat Burglar

As I got out of my Subaru, like nothing was wrong,  a white guy with a ball-cap and wild-looking eyes walked out the front door carrying a TV, “Hey, dude!  What’s happening?”  My response: “Not much.  Just getting home from work.”  Two women stood to the side, staring at me.

Inside my apartment, I locked the door, walked to the inside door  to the laundry room, opened the door a crack, listened, and heard the two women at the top of the stairs, whispering.  My imagination went south: Harold was hurt (?), unconscious (?), or dead, (?).  I was going to call the police; but my phone was gone.

I then stepped out to get to my car and go for help.  But at the top of the hill, those same two women were standing at the driveway staring at me.   I returned to my apartment, locked the door, and prayed like a wild man.

Ten minutes later, the truck started, left the property.  Five minutes after that, Harold came down the stairs, through the laundry room, knocked on my door.

I opened the door, Harold's face as white as a sheet.  
He asked ... "You okay?"
"Yeah, I guess." I was calm.  Then I snapped: Harold! I thought 
you were either dead,! Or knocked out! What was that all about?"
"He's crazy, hopped up on drugs, waving a pistol. And he started 
hauling stuff out."

I will never forget the imagery of Harold’s home being robbed.   “A thief in the night.”  ‘So sudden, so  unexpected.  Life is like that, at times.   Thieves come, and do not always look the same.  They steal our sleep; our time; our valuables.  Thieves temporarily steal our sanity, our safety.  Thieves attempt to steal our courage, our hope, our vision, our dreams … our hearts.  Thieves sometimes come with fear.

Bad things happen.  Yeah, they do.

Good things happen.  Yes.  They do. 

Good news is that we have FREEDOM, and fortitude, and the  RIGHT  to  CHOOSE  to transcend injustice.  Andy, from Shawshank Redemption, said ” … time to get busy living, or get busy dying …”  We are resilient. We are brave hearts. We can do as Churchill did:

“Never, never, never, give up.”  

Bulldog goes here.
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)


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