Nothing New … But That’s Not Bad


Solomon, maybe.  The word on the street is that no one knows if Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes or not.  I was not there at the time.  Confession: I do not lay awake at night wondering if Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes or not.  BUT … I do appreciate the content, such as the idea that there is nothing new under the sun.  So, no … Nothing new, but that’s not bad.  One of the problems, in my weathered thinking, is if there is no redemptive change happening.

Boredeom is not synonymous with “Nothing new … but that’s not bad.”  Though emphatically non- scientific, it is significant to me, from my years of working in the field of substance abuse, and addictions, and dual-diagnosis, and mood disorders, adjustment disorders …. that “boredom” is acknowledged by countless clients as a powerful-trigger.  A recovering heroin addict starts feeling bored, and … guess what?  He / she wants to go get some heroin.  An individual who has an addiction to shopping may be more vulnerable to his / her addiction if he / she starts feeling bored.  Here is one of my wild, out-of-the-box, thoughts.

Boredom may be an indication of something God wants one to see, or pay attention to.  And IF the individual does not acknowledge … “that” … which God is inviting one to embrace, or tune in to, then boredom is the result.

Boredom feature

Photograph: Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images

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